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Kids and families in the U.S.
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Who are the kids in foster care?

School-age children, sibling groups, and teens need foster families. Hear from Amber, a young woman who aged out of foster care.

3 tips for parenting teens from hard places 

The teen you love today was once a child who was hurt. That child is still there inside them, wanting and needing love.

What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?

Learn how Bethany will train you to be a foster parent, what to expect in the licensing process, and more.

Refugees and immigrants
Refugees and immigrants Image
Faces of resilience: Serving refugees around the world

Read real stories from Ethiopia and Colombia.

Unaccompanied minors at the border: What’s happening and how you can help

Unaccompanied children need safe and loving foster homes now.

7 ways to welcome refugees into your community

Following Jesus' call requires only a willingness to step up and serve.

Families around the world
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Engaged fathers lead to stronger families

Bethany led a two-day training for fathers in Ethiopia.

"Like a family” isn’t a family

Learn why orphanages harm children and how you can help.

South Sudanese mom becomes foster parent to siblings in Gambella’s refugee camp

Bethany's training equipped her to care for children.

We're a team: How to advocate for your child

Talk with your child's teacher about their unique needs

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In the middle of a child's meltdown

Children with a trauma history can experience big emotions and challenging behaviors when they’re living in survival mode. As a foster parent, you can use these tips to calm the situation and help the child feel safe.

After a child's meltdown

Trauma changes the way children respond when they feel unsafe. Their big emotions and challenging behaviors are a result of living in survival mode. As a foster parent, you can use these tips to respond to a child’s behavior and help them feel safe.

Is my open adoption safe?

Adoptive parents may wonder if it’s safe for their child to have an open relationship with birth parents who have a history of substance use. These questions and tips will help you set boundaries and adjust expectations.