Infant adoption: a life-changing experience

Bethany has guided families through the adoption process for generations. Learn why we're the choice for a growing number of families.

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Today, most adoptions are open

Adoption has changed. Today, most adoptions have some level of openness or ongoing contact between the adoptive and birth families.

The adoption process is emotional for both the birth parents and the prospective adoptive parents, so we work to help both parties build a healthy relationship centered on the child’s best interest.

FAQs about infant adoption

Why should we choose Bethany?

You'll be equipped to help your family thrive. You'll work with a team of experts who will provide you with training, resources, and support to navigate the challenges and joys of adoption. For over 75 years, we've guided families through the adoption process, and our experience is one reason why we're one of the largest adoption agencies in the U.S.

How will Bethany help us through the adoption process?

Once you have had the opportunity to ask your questions, Bethany’s staff will work with you through the home study process that is required and completed according to state law. Once approved, you will prepare your family profile—a collection of photos and details about your family's story. Expectant parents considering adoption use these profiles to gather information about the right family for their child.

How will Bethany prepare us to become parents through adoption?

The home study process is not only about gathering information about your family, but also a time to help you understand adoption from the perspective of everyone involved. Our staff provides supportive and personalized education to prepare you for this journey. You will also learn about adoption through recommended books, videos, webinars, and educational meetings.

How long will we have to wait for a child to be placed with us?

Wait times for placement vary and depend primarily on when you are identified by an expectant parent considering adoption. Your willingness to develop a relationship with the birth family can shorten the length of time that you wait, as well as your openness to the various prenatal histories of expectant mothers.

How will expectant parents know that we want to adopt a child?

Most expectant parents are actively involved in choosing the adoptive parents for their children. They often start by looking through prospective adoptive family profiles online. Bethany also partners with many hospitals, physicians, and pregnancy care centers so that expectant parents become aware that adoption is a life-affirming option and that there are many prospective adoptive families prepared to offer their child a safe home, including yours.

When will the child be placed in our home?

Sometimes placement occurs directly from the hospital. Other times, the baby may go to interim care - a safe, temporary home while the parents determine whether they will proceed with their adoption decision or parent their child themselves. We will walk with you throughout the placement process.

When will the adoption be finalized?

Your adoption will be finalized after the parents relinquish their rights and after a legally-required period of supervision, which varies from state-to-state.

When will the adoption fees be due?

Fees are based on the services Bethany provides and are typically collected at specific times throughout the process. You will receive a detailed explanation of fees prior to beginning the adoption process. You will also want to check with your tax advisor about the availability of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit and any state adoption tax credits that may offset costs.

How do we handle ongoing contact with the birth parents?

Almost all adoptions have some level of openness or ongoing contact between the adoptive and birth families. We help both sets of families carefully consider the benefits and challenges that may come from open adoption relationships. The degree of openness is determined by the birth parent before placement. Some families are unsure about ongoing contact at first, but many adoptive parents discover that once they gain a better understanding of open adoption relationships and get to know the birth parents, they want to have an ongoing relationship for everyone's benefit.

Will Bethany help our family adjust to the changes in our lives?

Bethany is committed to providing post-placement services for adoptive families. During the required supervision period after placement, you will meet with your Bethany adoption specialist to discuss how you are adjusting to parenting a new child. In addition, we provide post-placement support, guidance, education, and referrals to other resources, if needed, long after your adoption is finalized.

The cost of infant adoption

The cost of infant adoption varies by state, but most cost between $20,000 to $40,000.

Many of our families find ways to make adoption more affordable. Explore how you may qualify for tax credits, employer benefits, and other sources of financial aid.

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The power of open adoption

The power of open adoption

Is my open adoption safe?

Adoptive parents may wonder if it’s safe for their child to have an open relationship with birth parents who have a history of substance use. These questions and tips will help you set boundaries and adjust expectations.

5 tips for your first open adoption visit

The first visit post-placement is usually emotional, as it lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship. These tips can make your experience more comfortable.

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