Important information about new infant adoption applications

The following locations are currently receiving new domestic infant adoption applications: Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska

A changing landscape for infant adoption

Of all children born in the U.S. today, fewer than 1% are placed for adoption as infants. This figure, once as high as 9% in the 1970s, has been steadily declining as families find more options to stay together.

In response to the declining number of infants available for adoption, many Bethany locations have temporarily paused intake of new applications. The following locations are currently receiving new domestic infant adoption applications:

  • Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska

Why did we pause infant adoption intake?

This has required a shift in how we approach infant adoption in the U.S. Across the country, for each of the roughly 18,000 infants placed for adoption each year, there are dozens of individuals and couples already waiting. On average, adoptive families will wait more than two years to adopt a baby.

In nearly every case, expectant parents who choose adoption select the family they want to parent their child. This means wait times will vary greatly with no guarantee of an approved adoptive family being selected.

Decisions to open or pause new infant adoption applications are carefully considered based on current volume of waiting families by each location that typically offers infant adoption services. This allows Bethany adoption specialists to assist some of our longest-waiting families while ensuring expectant parents have many options to consider when making this life-changing decision.

Help for your independent home study

Are you pursuing a private adoption? Bethany can help you with the required independent home study.

Our experienced adoption specialists can help you navigate the home study process and ensure your home is a safe, loving place for a child.

What this means for expectant parents

As a family-centered organization, Bethany is committed to investing in services that safely keep families together.

Women have more options

For more than 75 years, Bethany’s infant adoption services have been a life-affirming option for women who weren’t in a position to parent their children. Women today have more options when they face an unexpected pregnancy, including more resources and services to help them parent their children if that’s their desire.

Bethany launched ReNew

Many vulnerable women who love their children lack resources, skills, and support to parent on their own. We believe every mother deserves the opportunity to parent her child. That’s why Bethany has launched ReNew, a program designed to help expectant mothers in recovery become the healthy, stable parents they want to be for their children.

Every child deserves a family

Often just a little extra help can lead to stability, making the difference between an expectant mom choosing to parent or making an adoption plan. When children stay with their families, even imperfect families, they experience less trauma and disruption. And every child deserves that.

You can still adopt

Across the U.S., many children still need an adoptive family. Right now, more than 122,000 children are waiting for an adoptive family like yours. These children are in foster care, unable to safely return home to their biological families.

Most are between the ages of 8-18 and may be part of a sibling group that needs to stay together. Many of these children have been waiting three years or more for a family of their own.

Adoption through foster care may not be the path to parenthood you imagined, but family changes everything for a child when they can stop moving between temporary homes and have a permanent home where they belong.

Your giving changes lives

Your gift will strengthen and unite families, so children can thrive. No matter the amount, your gift makes an ongoing, long-term impact.