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Parent Cafés: We're all in this together

Parent Cafés create a place where parents can see they’re not alone

A group of women share a meal and talk together at a Parent Café

When parents are isolated without community, they miss an essential element their children need to thrive: connection. Parent Cafés are a growing movement to give parents the support they need for their families to grow stronger. First developed by Be Strong Families, Bethany now hosts Parent Cafés in Michigan and Tennessee with more on the way.

Their simple yet effective format creates warm, welcoming spaces for parents and caregivers to gather in small groups and share a meal—as well as laughter, concerns, ideas, and strengths. Conversations are facilitated by parents, for parents. Every voice is valued, lived experience matters, and parents are seen as equals.

“Everybody goes through something with their kids,” said Melissa, a volunteer Parent Café facilitator. “Parent Cafés create a place where parents can see they’re not alone. It’s a chance to meet new people and know I’m doing OK, taking it one day at a time. There are other mothers and fathers who want to put their best foot forward too.”

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