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Whether you’re seeking records or more in-depth services, we can help connect you with adoption-competent services. Contact your local Bethany branch for more information.

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Common questions about post-adoption support

How do I get information from my Bethany adoption record?

Please complete our online contact form, including these details:

Birth mother:

  • Your name at the time of adoption (if your name has changed)
  • Location of the Bethany office you worked with for placement
  • Child’s birth date

Adopted person:

  • Your adoptive parents’ names
  • Place of birth
  • Location of the Bethany office that completed the adoption

Adoptive parent:

  • Location of the Bethany office that completed the adoption
  • Which Bethany adoption program did you use:
  • domestic infant, foster care adoption, or intercountry adoption (which country)

Does Bethany help adoptees find or connect with birth parents?

Yes. Our downloadable Search and Reunion Guide is a good place to begin. When you’re ready, submit an online contact form with as many details as you know.
For international adoptions, we work with specific search and reunion programs for South Korean and Ethiopian adoptees. Begin your search inquiry for these or other countries by completing a contact form.

What document will prove United States citizenship for an international adoptee?

A Certificate of Citizenship (COC) is the document that proves citizenship. If you do not have a COC, you can click here to apply for this document through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.
The National Council for Adoption provides additional details on this fact sheet.

How do I find an adoption-competent counselor or therapist who will understand my needs?

These links can help you find support in your area:

Explore family education webinars

Regardless of a child’s age or stage, caring for children is tough. We offer a variety of family training opportunities to help you learn and succeed as parents.
While many of our educational courses are designed for adoptive families and foster families, several topics provide a broader perspective of parenting through difficult behaviors and situations.

Explore Current Webinars

Bethany resources

Parenting webinars
Parenting webinars

All trainings are presented by experienced professionals from a wide array of therapeutic and social service backgrounds. Search Webinars

Adult adoptee support
Adult adoptee support

Find additional links to support groups, advocacy groups, and stories Learn More

Bethany stories and resources
Bethany stories and resources

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