Support to help you parent safely

Parents deserve education and support before an overwhelming situation creates risk for child neglect or abuse. SafeCare® provides preventive, in-home coaching so parents and caregivers can keep their young children safe.

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Learn parenting best practices

Parenting infants and young children takes a lot of energy, patience, and focus. They need your constant supervision and attention, which can be overwhelming in the best of circumstances. Parents and caregivers deserve support, especially if you’re new to parenting, are parenting on your own, or don’t feel confident about your parenting skills.

That’s why we offer SafeCare, a proven, in-home service to coach you on parenting best practices that will help you establish a strong bond with your child, create a safe home environment, and keep your child healthy and protected.

Who is SafeCare for?

SafeCare is a program for parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5. Parents can begin the program while pregnant and preparing to parent.

What does SafeCare do?

SafeCare services strengthen parents’ skills to keep children safely at home, reducing risks for child neglect or harm. Services are tailored to your needs, goals, values, culture, circumstances, learning style, and ability.

How long is the program?

SafeCare training involves 18 weekly sessions, each lasting about 60 minutes.

What’s involved in SafeCare training?

Your SafeCare provider teaches parenting skills through explanation, modeling, practice, and feedback so you will understand why each skill is important and how to implement them effectively.

Who provides this training?

A trained SafeCare provider works with you one-on-one—in your home and on your schedule.