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When you work at Bethany, you’ll join the front lines of a movement that transforms families into a force for good. It's more than a job, it's a mission.

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A global family walks down a large dirt road on a hot sunny day with some of their belongings in their hands.

What does Bethany do?

Bethany is a global nonprofit dedicated to helping families thrive in more than 30 states and more than a dozen countries. We serve vulnerable children in the U.S. through world-class social services, we help global families stay together, and we protect refugees in key resettlement locations around the globe, including the U.S.

Our hiring practices

Bethany is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek people who embrace our mission and values to join our team.

We value cultural diversity

Bethany believes in reaching across racial, cultural, and ethnic boundaries—both for the people we serve and the people we employ.

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