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FAQs about Safe Families

As a parent, will I be able to talk to my kids?

Yes, absolutely! Safe Families encourages regular contact with your child(ren) through phone calls, text messaging, video calling, and connecting in person.

Can I have my kids back any time?

Yes. Because you maintain complete custody of your child(ren), you can ask for them to be returned to you at any time.

Why does Bethany provide these services?

No parent should be alone. Safe Families volunteers have the passion and heart to support families going through a difficult time. Parenting is tough, and we can all use extra support from time to time.

How will my child(ren) get to school?

Safe Families relies on volunteers to provide transportation to and from school, if needed. The goal is to make sure children remain in their current school. Sometimes, Safe Families can work with the school to get school-provided transportation.

Will my child(ren) be safe?

Yes. Each Safe Families volunteer goes through an approval process, which includes completing an application, background checks, and reference checks. For some roles, finger printing and home safety assessments are completed. Safe Families volunteers have a heart and passion to support families and are not compensated.

How do I qualify for Safe Families services?

Safe Families is a free service to parents who are going through a difficult time, such as unemployment, homelessness, hospitalization, rehabilitation, or incarceration. Please call your local Safe Families chapter for more information to see where we provide support.

woman enjoys dinner with the host family who cared for her twin boys while she was in crisis

Support when you need it most

When a crisis strikes, many parents rely on relatives and friends for support. But for some parents, this isn’t enough — or isn’t an option.

Safe Families strengthens and supports families by listening to parents, connecting them to supportive relationships, and sharing resources. No family should feel alone.

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