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Discover how you can join the #NotAlone movement and raise funds for vulnerable children and families.

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Show kids they're not alone

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major disruptor to our lives, but even more harmful for already vulnerable children and families— like kids in foster care, parents facing unexpected pregnancies, parents with substance abuse issues, and at-risk families around the world.

Your support provides desperately needed services and resources, letting them know they're #NotAlone during this crisis.


What does it mean to be a fundraiser?

You can personalize your own campaign, focusing on your passions for helping children and families—in your own community or around the world. Your work will make an immediate difference for vulnerable children and families as they face the coronavirus crisis.

How do I create an account?

Visit JustGiving to create a free fundraising account and begin your peer-to-peer campaign.

What content should I share?

  • Create a video or use Facebook Live to share your Bethany story, your faith, or your passion for children and families
  • Write a personal message, using real life examples about your connection to our mission
  • Share inspirational messages from Bethany (article, video, or blog)
  • Use a Bible verse to encourage others
  • Create a countdown or goal to keep the momentum going! For example, try "30 days of gratitude"

What are some tips for success?

  • The more details you can give, the better
  • Make it about the people Bethany serves and the current need to raise awareness
  • Set an easy goal, then raise it later
  • Ask people to give specific dollar amounts ($10, $25, $50)
  • Kickstart your fundraiser with your own donation
  • You don't have to ask upfront for donations, just get the conversation started in your network
  • Use your social media and email to help increase your impact
  • Set a schedule of posts to keep your friends and family involved in your fundraising updates
  • Most importantly, have fun with it and get your creative juices flowing!

Where will my donations go?

The gifts you raise will meet our greatest needs for children and families, showing them they’re not alone during this global pandemic.

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