ReNew: A place for women to heal

Recovering Mothers with Newborns (ReNew) supports expectant mothers with a history of substance use.

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1 in every 12
pregnancies is affected by substance use

Empowering women to engage in life-changing support

ReNew is rooted in the belief that women with a history of substance use can recover. We walk with expectant mothers through their infant’s first year—supporting the mother in her recovery, connecting her with community resources, and sharing parenting practices to help with attachment and bonding.

“I struggled with addiction off and on for almost 10 years. But now I have both of my boys. It’s indescribable. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

- ReNew graduate

Benefits to community well-being:

  • Fewer children are born with substance exposure

  • Fewer newborns enter foster care

  • Mothers are less likely to relapse

  • The generational cycle of family disruption is broken

Benefits to mothers and babies:

  • Health of substance-exposed infants

  • Access to and engagement in needed services

  • Parenting skills and attachment

  • Parent and child well-being

  • Family resilience, self-sufficiency, and productivity

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The ReNew collaborative

Parents facing crisis thrive when surrounded by loving communities. The ReNew collaborative brings together agencies involved in recovery work to offer comprehensive support to pregnant and parenting women.

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Whether you need help or want to refer a woman to ReNew, please contact us for assistance.