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Finding Francisca's family

Follow Isaac Agyei, a dedicated caseworker in Ghana. His unwavering commitment to reuniting children, like 8-year-old Francisca, with their families is strengthening families and protecting children.

Finding light in the darkness

Through Bethany's family preservation and empowerment program, Gifty helps her family thrive.


Popping a brighter future

Watch the inspiring story of Mavis, a widow in Ghana who overcame hardship and grief to provide for her five children. Through family preservation and empowerment services, she created a brighter future for herself and her family. Mavis started her own business selling baked goods at market. Her most popular product is Nkyewe3 (“roasted corn”). Learn how families like Mavis’ are turning adversity into success, keeping their families together through preventative tools and services. Plus, make Mavis’ famous Ghanian popcorn recipe yourself and enjoy it at home!

For youth like Maria, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

At 14, Maria was separated from her family and conscripted into an illegal armed militant group. By focusing on prevention, we're ensuring more children in Colombia are safe from violence and exploitation. Learn more and join us in creating a brighter future for vulnerable children and youth through building safer communities and stronger families.

After separation, Tayitu brought her family back together

Living in rural Ethiopia, Tayitu and her family faced extreme poverty. As a result, the family was separated, and their children sent to work away from home as domestic servants. Bethany's Family Preservation and Empowerment program helped to reunite Tayitu's family and provide them with financial support through a Credit and Savings Group. With this assistance, Tayitu's family and others have started successful businesses, earning an income that supports their families.

Creating a change that lasts

After losing their father and caring for their bedridden mother, brothers Mentesenot and Abenezer found stability and success through Bethany's Family Preservation and Empowerment program in Ethiopia.

Esther reminds us what can happen when girls embrace their inner strength

Esther, a young girl growing up in Ghana, faced immense challenges but rediscovered her inner strength through art. Her story shows the importance of empowering girls and promoting gender equality, especially on International Day of the Girl Child. Globally, girls face many inequalities. But through positive change, we can support girls in fulfilling their dreams, creating a brighter future for everyone.

The power of family and community

Children belong in families, not in orphanages. Family is God’s design. And only family and a community of support have the power to provide the best outcomes for children. When a child grows up in institutional care, like orphanages, it can have long-term, harmful effects. That's why the AHOPE Orphanage decided to reintegrate the children living with HIV back into their families and local communities.

Kasech was living a nightmare—kidnapped, trafficked, and only 14 years old

Right now, an estimated 160 million children around the world are being used for child labor. Every year, that number grows by an estimated 700,000 children. We believe that family is the answer.

"There's always a light"

Days after Colombian guerrillas killed Jeidi’s brother-in-law, they threatened her. Jeidi was forced to gather her children and flee her hometown. She arrived in Bogota “empty handed, unprotected, and without a dream.”

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