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For youth like Maria, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

At 14, Maria was separated from her family and conscripted into an illegal armed militant group. By focusing on prevention, we're ensuring more children in Colombia are safe from violence and exploitation. Learn more and join us in creating a brighter future for vulnerable children and youth through building safer communities and stronger families.

After separation, Tayitu brought her family back together

Living in rural Ethiopia, Tayitu and her family faced extreme poverty. As a result, the family was separated, and their children sent to work away from home as domestic servants. Bethany's Family Preservation and Empowerment program helped to reunite Tayitu's family and provide them with financial support through a Credit and Savings Group. With this assistance, Tayitu's family and others have started successful businesses, earning an income that supports their families.

“My biggest fear was losing my son”

The care and support of Safe Families for Children volunteers helped a young single mom safely parent her son.


We're in this together

When Maria attended a Parent Café, she realized the value of being heard, understood, and supported by other parents. Parent Cafés are designed to create transformative conversations, promote well-being, and build strong families. Led by parents for parents, these support groups provide a space for sharing information, teaching parenting skills, and fostering connection.

Creating a change that lasts

After losing their father and caring for their bedridden mother, brothers Mentesenot and Abenezer found stability and success through Bethany's Family Preservation and Empowerment program in Ethiopia.

Widening your circle during the holidays: 4 ways to include refugees

Refugees desire community and connection, especially during the holidays. Discover four ways to serve refugees.

"We can do this" — Trevor and Alyese's story

Adoption from foster care keeps three siblings together


Keeping siblings together

For years James and Tamisha talked about becoming foster parents, setting aside the discussion until it circled back again. When they were ready, they made a...


Church leaders: God is bringing people to us

In this video, the couple shares misconceptions about refugees, the joys of being in community with their new friends, and how simply asking, “Who is my neighbor?” and “How do I love them?” can lead to authentic, meaningful relationships with people from another part of the world.


In it for the long haul: Stacey’s foster parenting story

As a youth basketball coach, Stacey was skilled at making connections with teens. And she realized she could naturally transition her coaching skills to provide care and opportunities for teens as a foster parent.

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