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Little Orange Scooter shares benefits of hiring refugee women

Little Orange Scooter is a small sewing business with a big heart for refugee women. Hear from this employer as she shares the reasons why refugee women make great hires, bringing strong skillsets, dependability, and joy to the workplace.


Leaning into trauma: A call to the Church

Although she gained safety and stability in her adoptive family, Shamber’s early trauma stays with her in ways she’s only been able to process as a young adult. She sees trauma as a major mission field.


I started to love myself again

Bekah shares that her addiction led her to dark places, where she lost family, friends, and eventually custody of her 5-year-old son.


Recovery beyond our doors

When women enter the Bethany Recovery Center, they begin a holistic journey of healing for their mind, body, and spirit. Once in the grip of trauma and addiction, they find release as they discover and embrace their own strengths.


"It just wouldn't leave my spirit": Michele becomes a foster mom

Michele couldn’t shake the feeling that she felt led to provide a safe, loving home to unaccompanied migrant children.


Esther reminds us what can happen when girls embrace their inner strength

Esther, a young girl growing up in Ghana, faced immense challenges but rediscovered her inner strength through art. Her story shows the importance of empowering girls and promoting gender equality, especially on International Day of the Girl Child. Globally, girls face many inequalities. But through positive change, we can support girls in fulfilling their dreams, creating a brighter future for everyone.

The power of family and community

Children belong in families, not in orphanages. Family is God’s design. And only family and a community of support have the power to provide the best outcomes for children. When a child grows up in institutional care, like orphanages, it can have long-term, harmful effects. That's why the AHOPE Orphanage decided to reintegrate the children living with HIV back into their families and local communities.

3 benefits to hiring refugees

Refugees represent an untapped talent pool employers should consider. Discover three reasons to hire refugees: experience, loyalty, and securely vetted.

2 years after the Afghanistan withdrawal: How can I help?

Co-sponsors meet the needs of refugees and help them thrive within their new communities.

Here, you can just be a kid

Bilingual couple recognizes the importance of laughter and play in providing short-term immigrant foster care.

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