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After separation, Tayitu brought her family back together

Helping families stay together, build resiliency, and reach self-sufficiency

Daneal Lightner, content writer

After separation, Tayitu brought her family back together  Banner Image

Born into extreme poverty, Tayitu and her husband struggled to provide for their children in their rural remote village in Ethiopia. She and her husband worked hard, laboring long hours for low wages.

But the income never stretched far enough to cover food, clothing, school tuition, and other necessities. They were often forced to borrow money at high interest rates to make ends meet.

Finally, left with no other choice, the children were sent away from their home to work as domestic servants. Tayitu hoped her children would at least have food to eat.

Her family isn’t alone. Debt and poverty impact many families in the region, forcing them into debt and separating them from their children.

But we know there is a better way.

Children belong with their families, not in servitude for little to no pay, away from their homes, families, and without access to education.

Bethany’s team sprang to action. Staff helped locate and remove Tayitu’s children from their work in the city, returning them safely home to their family.

To ensure they, and other families like Tayitu’s, were stable and strong enough to keep the children and provide for them, Bethany formed the Credit and Savings Group—a new microfinance model allowing members to save money and lend it to each other at affordable interest rates. Participants receive financial and emotional support as well as budgeting and business training.

With help of Bethany’s Credit and Savings Group, Tayitu and several other families were able to launch small businesses and begin generating an income that will support them now and into the future. Tayitu’s family raises sheep and poultry, selling eggs, wool, and meat. Other families have started cafés, farms, and shops.

They’re working less and making more. The children now have time to attend school. They have resources for quality nutrition, health care, and other needs.

Like a rising tide raises all ships, the same is true of communities, neighbors, and families. When we support and lift one another up, we see the biggest results.

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