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"There's always a light"

Jeidi's journey to safety in Colombia

Colombian refugee woman Jeidi walks city streets with her children

Days after Colombian guerrillas killed Jeidi’s brother-in-law, they threatened her. Jeidi was forced to gather her children and flee her hometown. She arrived in Bogota “empty handed, unprotected, and without a dream.”

What stands out to Jeidi is how Bethany staff in Bogota created a plan with her, first asking her, “What is your goal?” then “How can we help?”

Jeidi’s goal was to live safely with her children where they could go to school and create a future for themselves. Bethany helped her begin that journey with food, housing, a work permit, and other essentials. More than that, Bethany’s counseling services supported this family’s healing after a dark and hopeless time. Back on her feet, Jeidi is even able to begin dreaming again.

“As long as there is life, there is hope,” she said. “In the background there’s always a light.”

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