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Love like Jesus in your community

Safe Families volunteers use their homes to love their neighbors

A father holds his young son's hand to cross the street

Zach was challenged by a book he read that said, “We’re not here to serve the served; to bless the blessed.” He and Ann knew they had time, space, and resources to help, and they felt a pull that they could be doing more to live out their faith.

They chose to volunteer with Safe Families for Children to serve families who needed help, right in their community. When parents face a temporary crisis, Safe Families Hosts provide a safe, temporary home for children so their parents can address the crisis and bring the family safely back together again.

It was important to Zach and Ann to find a way to engage their children and serve others as a family. The children are excited to share their space, toys, and love with each child who comes through their home. And together, they become family for parents who don’t have extended family members they can count on.

Your support changes lives