2019 annual report

Your support enables Bethany to help vulnerable kids and families in our own communities and around the world.

Bethany remains motivated by our faith and united in our mission.

Hundreds of millions of children around the world are unprotected and poorly defended. That is simply unacceptable. As Christians, we put our trust in God and our passion into the ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. Your support enables Bethany to demonstrate Christ’s love to children and families within our own communities and around the world.

total lives impacted in 2019

Our mission

Demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting children, strengthening families, and empowering youth through quality social serivces.

Vulnerable kids in the U.S.

“Once you live with us, you’re part of our family forever.”

Strengthening families leads to stronger communities. Learn more about our 2019 work and impact here in the U.S.

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Refugees and immigrants

“When I arrived in the U.S. alone, Lois became my family here. And now she’s family for my brother too. She loves us both as a mom would.”

Connection is the thread that runs through our refugee and immigrant work. Learn more about our 2019 work and impact.

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Global families

“Being taught about parenting is one of the precious privileges that I got from Bethany and this refugee camp.”

Our mission transcends borders. Learn more about our 2019 work and impact around the world.

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Financial Information

Operating Revenue 2019 2018
Service revenue $113,499,000 $103,189,000
Contributions 17,000,000 19,064,000
Investment & other 6,891,000 (1,020,000)
Total operating revenue $137,390,000 $121,233,000
Operating Expenses 2019 2018
Program services $110,869,000 $105,278,000
Management & general 15,094,000 11,626,000
Fundraising 6,252,000 6,376,000
Total operating expenses $132,215,000 $123,280,000
Provision for future services $5,175,000 $(2,047,000)

140 million reasons to help

Today, 140 million kids don't have a permanent home. To us, that's simply unacceptable.

Together, we can change the world through family.

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