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"What are you going to leave behind?"

Cesar and Alexia's motivation to help unaccompanied children

Diverse refugee foster parents sit in living room

When Cesar and Alexia saw news reports of unaccompanied children housed in detention center cages, they were moved to become short-term immigrant foster parents. Over a year a half, they’ve provided a temporary home to more than 60 children from nearly a dozen Central and South American countries. They see their home as a safe and welcoming last stop before children are reunited with their families or sponsors.

Cesar and Alexia know the children have been through tough journeys already, and their future may still be uncertain. So for as long as the children are in their care, they create a space where kids can just be kids, whether for two weeks or five months.

Cesar remembers how his mother welcomed children in their home, and he feels blessed to follow her example. Caring for immigrant children is one way he and Alexia are building their legacy. “We’re on this planet a little bit, not that long,” Alexia says. “What are you going to leave behind?”

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