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Sharing our crib with children in need

Sharing our crib with children in need  Banner Image

We’re converting our crib once again to prepare for a new child’s arrival.

It may be old and plain, but this crib has served our family well.

Our first daughter slept in it until she started to crawl out. Then, there was a time the crib was packed away in storage as we grieved the loss of what would have been our second baby.

After a season, God surprised us with Caleb, who happily slept in the crib until he got too big. We put the crib in storage again with no real plans to fill it but too many memories to give it away.

Then, there was a little boy whose parents were in crisis. He needed a safe place to stay, so we set up the crib once more for him as foster parents.

We loved Caleb dearly. We hoped this little boy would become ours, but it wasn’t our decision to make. When he went to his new family, we packed the crib away; this time with the grief of losing a little boy we had held in our arms.

All these experiences led us to join the Safe Families for Children ministry. Eight kids, whose parents needed some time to regain stability, have slept in this crib. It has scratches and teeth marks, but it still does the job. We don’t even take it down anymore.

We just wait for God to fill it once more with whatever little life needs a place to stay where they will be loved.

You know that extra room in your house that just seems too empty? You, too, can open your home to a child in need – while helping their parents regain stability.

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