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Parenting During a Crisis

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During this training, which is geared towards parents and profesionals working with parents, you will learn about:

  • Stress reactions, including how children/teens at different ages may respond differently and what you can do to help
  • Ways to handle stress reactions in yourself and for family members
  • The importance of Self-care during a crisis and ways to use Self-care practices
  • How to discuss the pandemic with children, teens, and young adults in your home; as well as how to support them and give them tools to better handle COVID-19 and other crises
  • Coping skills for you as parents, and also how to teach coping skills to your children and teens
  • How to hold on to hope during a crisis

If you would like a copy of the power point for this training, please contact Penny at [email protected] or 717-399-3213. If you are interested in receiving a Certificate of Completion after viewing the training, please contact at [email protected] or 717-399-3213. You will receive a Learner Evaluation Form (LEF) to complete and return and at that point, the Certificate of Completion will then be forwarded to you.

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