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Mona Jean’s dream of starting her own business

Mona Jean’s dream of starting her own business  Banner Image

In 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shattered the lives of 3 million Haitians. Mona Jean – who lives with her mother, two older siblings, and four children – saw her home destroyed by the earthquake. Without the funds or materials needed to rebuild, they constructed a small tent instead.

During this time, Mona Jean was unable to feed her children – let alone send them to school. This simply wasn’t acceptable for her.

Determined to restore hope for her family, Mona Jean joined Bethany’s Family Preservation and Empowerment program in 2017. The sponsorship program started by ensuring Mona Jean could provide basic needs to her children, letting them return to school.

Knowing that her children are now safe and fed, Mona Jean has learned essential life and vocational skills to help her achieve her biggest dream: to build her own business.

On a long, narrow pathway, Mona Jean’s dream is realized. A bright, patterned piece of fabric hangs in the doorway of her very own stand where she sells goods and food.

Her business is the family’s sole source of income, and it continues to create economic opportunities. Mona Jean saves some of her funds to continue investing in her business, while allocating others toward buying a home for her family.

She also encourages others in her community to apply for our Family Preservation program, hoping to see their lives transformed, as well.

When families across the globe face major obstacles, your support helps them stay together.

Your support changes lives