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Filled with love through international adoption

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Adrienne had always wanted to be a mom. She and her husband, Marcus, spent long hours daydreaming about the family they would build together.

These dreams shattered when Marcus died unexpectedly.

“I not only mourned losing him, but also the children he and I would never have,” said Adrienne.

For years, she pushed all thoughts of children aside, until close friends began pursuing adoption. Then something clicked for Adrienne. “I believe this is where the Lord started to move my heart in line with His adventure for my life,” she said.

When Adrienne began exploring adoption, she chose to adopt internationally. She adopted her son, George, from an orphanage in South Africa—giving this child with special needs a chance at a brighter future.

Being a single mother was a challenge, but Adrienne and George were not alone as they began their journey together. We provided support to Adrienne every step of the way, thanks to donations from many supporters of our work.

George is thriving under Adrienne’s loving care. And he now has a sister, Lesego, whom Adrienne recently adopted from an orphanage in South Africa.

“Lesego has now been with us for eight months,” said Adrienne. “When we first met, she was quiet, sad, and slow moving. She now runs everywhere and is always smiling. My days are filled to the brim with love.”

Thanks to the generosity of our many supporters, the lives of two beautiful children have been forever transformed. If you’re inspired to help adoptive parents care for children with special needs, we invite you to donate today.

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