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Families helping families

Jim and Carol's Safe Families story

A young girl blows bubbles with her sister

Too many families are one crisis away from disaster. And single parents who don’t have a strong support system are particularly vulnerable. Safe Families for Children connects parents facing a temporary crisis with a volunteer Host who provides voluntary care for children so parents can address the crisis.

As Safe Families volunteers, Jim and Carol have helped many single parents over the years by providing a safe, temporary home for their children. They’ve helped families that are new to the area and not yet connected to the community and those that don’t have family nearby or safe family connections they can rely on in hard times. They’ve seen the difference it makes when families can begin building a network of support and no longer have to face a crisis alone.

Guided by their faith, Jim and Carol see opportunities to use their gifts to serve others as Jesus would—around the block, down the street, right in their own community.

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