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A new family after the accident

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Sandra’s son, Jason, always had a smile on his face. As a young teen, Jason was a dynamic athlete and talented basketball player. But one night, everything changed.

Jason was riding in a friend’s car when the driver fell asleep. The car hit a tree at 65 miles per hour, and Jason hit his head on the windshield. Only 13 years old, Jason’s life would never be the same, but he wouldn’t let it steal his joy.

Sandra had always been passionate about raising teenagers. After Jason’s accident, she knew Jason would never have a typical teenage experience. So she decided to become a foster parent, welcoming teenage boys to live with her and Jason.

In a world where many of the boys didn’t feel supported, Sandra wanted to be their bridge and show them she’s someone who cares. She wanted to offer love, support, and hope for their future.

Since Jason’s accident, Sandra has fostered 20 teenage boys.

And Jason has inspired the young men with his spirit. “Jason is a motivator for the boys,” Sandra says. “They see him in this wheelchair and he’s still laughing and smiling, and if Jason can take this wheelchair and this bad situation and still smile through it, I guess they figure, ‘Why not me too?’”

Sandra is driven by a deep belief that every child deserves a place to belong. “Everybody deserves a family. And I’m gonna give them one if they come into my home.”

Of all the ways you can show love, foster care is one of the greatest. When you welcome a child or teen into your home, you show them bold love while their family works toward reunification.

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