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“We’re making a safe place for somebody who wasn’t safe.”

Inspired by their faith, Anne and Jerry open their home to be a temporary, welcoming space until children can be reunited with their families.


"They're like my family now."

After fleeing danger in Afghanistan, Amir's foster family helped him begin a new journey.


A journey to Grace and a gift of a lifetime

Lisa Marie's journey to adopt her daughter Grace gave her a calling to do even more to make a difference for teens who are waiting for adoption. She established the Grace Fund, a Bethany Endowment that will help find safe homes, loving families, and a chance to heal for teens who are at risk of aging out of foster care without the support of a permanent family.

What the system taught me

From her first days as a Child Protective Services investigator to Bethany senior vice president, what Cheri Williams has learned over her social services career has changed her thinking about what’s best for children. Today she’s in a position to do something about that.

Refugee foster parents step up to help Afghan teens feel safe, loved, and connected

Short-term immigrant foster care parents open home to Afghan teens

"I felt safe with people I knew"

Amy entered foster care at 15 after disclosing years of abuse at home. But family would also play a key role in her healing.


"It's a no brainer: You're there for family"

Two parallel phone calls changed everything. One call was from the school counselor, saying Bobbi’s daughter had disclosed years of sexual abuse. The second call was from Bethany, asking Bobbi’s sister if she could provide kinship care.


What is kinship care?

When children enter foster care, kinship placement has many benefits, including keeping children connected with their families.

Helping teens in foster care feel at home

As foster parents, Danny and Dahlia love to help teens. It’s not only the urgent need for foster homes for teens, although that’s part of it.


"We're called to help"

For Marla and Robert, short-term immigrant foster care is an opportunity to be a part of the solution to the crisis of immigrant children coming across the border without their parents.

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