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What are the requirements to be a foster parent?

Learn age, space, and work requirements for becoming a foster parent.

As a new foster parent, is it OK to ask for help?

It can be hard to ask for help—especially if you’re afraid others will think you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re not doing a good job. Learn why asking for help is OK!

Seven ways to welcome a child in foster care into your home

You’ll learn simple actions to prepare for a new foster placement, such as preparing their bedroom, how to talk to children already in the house, and how to ask for help.

A foster mom who's been there

After growing up in foster care, Bridgette became a foster parent specifically to provide vital support for teen girls.


Self-care for social workers

Yesenia Fermin, Bethany’s director of culture and belonging offers 4 ways social workers can build resilience—and why it matters for self-care.

Show me you’re not going to leave

Amber aged out of foster care and shares why youth and teens need supportive foster parents.

Fostering as a single parent

When Tracey's husband unexpectedly passed away, she continued to foster as a single parent, relying on support from her church family and community.


Four questions about shared parenting

Everyone benefits when parents and foster parents are focused on the child’s well-being.

What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?

When you're ready to take the next step, Bethany will be there by your side. In this final, six-minute video, you’ll learn how Bethany will train and equip you to be a foster parent for a child who has had a rough start.


What will foster parenting be like?

The goal of foster care is to keep children safe and supported while their family works toward reunification. This eight-minute video covers why foster parents are are encouraged to get attached to children in their care while helping them strengthen their relationship with their parents.

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