We belong to each other

When children enter foster care, the goal is to stabilize and strengthen their biological family so they can reunite as soon as it’s safe to do so. But when this isn’t possible, children, sibling groups, and teens need a family where they can find the safety, love, and connection they need to thrive.

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It’s true, family can be complicated. For some, family is a place of love and trust, and joy. For others, family means painful memories and even trauma—and everything in between.

No matter our experience of family, we can agree everyone deserves a place where they belong. Whether family is given or chosen, family can change everything.

Find resources

Find resources

Today more than 113,000 children in foster care need a safe place to belong.

You can be that safe place for a waiting child, teen, or sibling group. Explore adoption through foster care today.