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Opening the conversation

How a family decided to adopt teens

diverse family with teenagers adopted from foster care pose at beach

As Brendan and Ciera considered adoption, they assumed they would adopt in birth order—meaning children younger than their two biological kids.

But they were soon moved by the high rates of homelessness for teen boys in their community. The couple prayed about how their family could help, and included their two biological children in the conversation.

Their decision was sealed when their young son replied, “I’m a really great big brother. But I’d be a great little brother too.”

Does it get sweeter than that?!

Brendan and Ciera realized only God could trigger that kind of compassion and understanding in their son. “We need to be more open to the idea that God is going to place the kid that is meant for you,” they added.

Spend a few minutes viewing the full video to meet Bryon and Jonathan, the two teenage boys who are now a permanent part of this family. You’ll love seeing the natural bond between the four children, and how the youngest admire their older siblings!

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