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Parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook but learning from the experience of others can certainly help. Discover Bethany’s family education webinars.

Helping you provide the best family care

As a caregiver, you want to understand your child’s needs and strengthen your family relationships. That’s why we offer family education training opportunities designed for adoptive and foster families, as well as other caregivers seeking strategies to support children.

Resource Parent Training

These helpful trainings are frequently assigned to resource parents in the approval process. Bethany staff will inform parents which trainings are required. Instructions related to training credit are provided within each training module.

Human Trafficking Caregiver Training Resources

As a foster parent, it is important that you have accurate information about human trafficking. It is also important that you are equipped to prevent it and to support youth who may already have been victims of trafficking. The information in this course is intended to ensure that all resource/foster parents at Bethany receive important information to help keep kids in their care free from the exploitation and harm caused by human trafficking. Take the course

Medication Administration by Caregivers

This course provides an overview of Bethany’s Medication Administration Policy and Procedure. It will help you understand how to administer, safeguard, and document the use of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications for children. Take the course

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

This course equips parents with a basic understanding and awareness of child sexual abuse risk and the grooming process of the abuser. Take the course

Volunteer trauma training

As we begin to roll out training, hopefully six times this year, each training will focus on a specific topic. Three learning styles will be included: reading, listening, and watching. Trainings will include a suggested book, videos, and/or podcasts. These trainings aren’t required, but they’re a great way for volunteers to learn more about supporting families.

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FAQs about family education webinars

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Our webinars are free.

How do I obtain training credit?

After participating in the webinar, complete and return the training summary to your worker.

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To receive credit for your training, please complete and return this form to your worker.

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