Volunteer trauma training

Volunteer trauma training

As we begin to roll out training, hopefully six times this year, each training will focus on a specific topic. Three learning styles will be included: reading, listening, and watching. Trainings will include a suggested book, videos, and/or podcasts. These trainings aren’t required, but they’re a great way for volunteers to learn more about supporting families.

Feel free to copy the information below and send to your volunteers. Be sure to check the links in your email before you send it to make sure they work. I've also created a Verification of Optional Training document for volunteers who would like to track their trainings. You can find this on the Safe Families SharePoint as well.

What Happened to You?

“What Happened to You?”, by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD. This book is a conversation on trauma, resilience, and healing. It analyses how traumatic experiences affect our brains throughout our lives, why this influences the way we handle stress, and the importance of viewing trauma as a problem with our society and our brains. Check out this link for a synopsis of the book. 


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