Walk alongside a refugee toward their independence

Open your heart and home to a young adult working to become self-sufficient in their new community.

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Help refugee young adults navigate their next steps

Through your guidance and support, you can help a refugee make an easier transition from foster care or residential living to independence—through Bethany’s Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program.

We need individuals and families willing to open their homes to young refugee adults between the ages of 17-21. As a provider, your home will be a safe and supportive space where you can help young adults experience hands-on practice in basic life skills.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the youth?

These young adults are between the ages of 17-21, both male and female, and are mostly from Central America. Some are going to school, while others are working. In a new community and country, they need the loving care of an adult or family as they prepare for independence as an adult.

What do I need to do?

You’ll ease the transition for a refugee young adult, from foster care or residential living to life on their own. You do not need to be licensed, like in foster care. However, you will have these commitments:

  • Pass a background check
  • Sign a lease with the youth that can include specific house rules
  • Meet periodically with the caseworker and youth

Do youth pay rent?

Yes, youth will pay you rent, based on their available income.

How long will the youth stay in my home?

Their length of stay varies based on the interest and availability of both you and the young adult. Their stay can be as short as three months or longer-term up to several years.

Do I have to speak Spanish?

No. While bilingual parents make fantastic homes, it’s not required that you speak another language. Bethany provides translators and interpreters to ensure the young adults in your care receive the support they need. 

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