Adoption connects kids with families, right where they live

In response to the worldwide orphan crisis, we connect children in need with families in their country of origin.
ethiopian mother holds her adopted baby

Families instead of orphanages

Family-based care offers a proven solution to protect vulnerable children around the world. Because of poverty, illness, war, or abandonment, many orphans and vulnerable children around the world do not live with their families of origin.

As a result, many children end up in orphanages. While orphanages may provide for a child’s basic needs, they are not intended to protect and care for children long-term. Only a family best supports a child’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs.

ethiopian children run on the sidewalk in ethiopia

The need to empower in-country adoption in Ethiopia

In 2007, there was no word for “foster care” in the Amharic language. But as we began to introduce this concept into Ethiopian culture, it started to take root. Ethiopia has one of the world's highest orphan rates. After the government banned international adoption, we needed to equip more local families to care for children.

Through partnerships with local child welfare organizations, we prevent families from placing children in orphanages. Instead, we recruit, train, and assess families who can permanently adopt a child.

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140 million reasons to help

Today, 140 million kids don't have a permanent home. To us, that's simply unacceptable.

Together, we can change the world through family.