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People worldwide are overwhelmed by external factors—poverty, health crises, loss of shelter—that can threaten their family's stability and safety. Together, we can empower families with the tools needed to succeed and pave the way for an entire generation to thrive.

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Let's keep families together

You can help change the lives of families forever.

Every child deserves the love, security, and consistency that only a family can provide. From helping vulnerable families access their basic needs of healthcare, safe drinking water, proper shelter, school supplies and education for their children to empowering them with the ongoing support of a dedicated caseworker, vocational and business training. We give them the tools to succeed and move from poverty to self-sustaining.

Help families thrive together

Families we serve are facing impossible challenges, often threatening their ability to stay together. Your gift helps ensure that all of the families we serve have the opportunity to progress through our program, from preservation to empowerment to self-sustainability.


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Sponsor a family

Family is essential to children's well-being. When you join Bethany's mission to keep families together, you help pave the way for generations to thrive. Your monthly gift will directly support the family you select by providing them with essentials such as food, shelter, and caseworker support—ensuring families have the tools for success. As a sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome kit, family photos, regular updates, and opportunities to connect with your specific family throughout the year.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes Bethany’s program unique?

While many sponsorship programs pool funds to support individual children through the age of 18, Bethany focuses on tailoring effective solutions to meet the whole family unit’s unique needs. In addition, a dedicated caseworker walks alongside the family throughout the entire program to support their progress.

How does the program work?

Program supporters and family sponsors allow the Bethany team to equip parents with the resources, life skills, vocational and business training they need to lead their families from poverty to self-sufficiency. Families move through three phases, with the ongoing support of caseworkers that are local to the country.

  1. Preservation: Caseworkers help families access basic needs such as health care, safe drinking water, nutritious food, proper shelter, and children in school.
  2. Empowerment: We offer ongoing support, including vocational skills education and business training where their dedicated caseworker helps set goals, make plans, and guide progress.
  3. Self-Sustainability: Our goal is to guide families to the point where they have a dependable income, improved health, ongoing education for children, and the necessary tools to thrive in the future.

How long are families in the program?

On average, families are in the program for 3–5 years. However, some families have experienced major setbacks due to civil unrest, natural disasters, major illness, or a global pandemic. When this happens, we ensure they receive the appropriate and individualized support given their circumstances. Once your family graduates from the program you will be assigned a new family to sponsor.

How is "Support the Program" different from "Sponsor a Family"?

When you support the program, your gift helps offset the cost of providing resources and services to all of the families in our global sponsorship program. It costs around $210 to serve each family for one month.

Families require multiple sponsors, and not all families are fully sponsored. Supporters help fill funding gaps and collectively make a big impact on all our global families, regardless of the gift size.

How do I know that the families will be helped?

You can have confidence that your gift makes a difference because a caseworker is assigned to help every family. The caseworker works directly with the family to understand their situation and design a unique plan that helps them reach their goals. This person will closely monitor the family’s progress and will share regular reports with family sponsors.

Program supporters will also receive quarterly updates highlighting families in the program.

Why do families have more than one sponsor?

Bethany’s focus is on tailoring effective solutions that meet each family’s unique needs. That’s why each family is matched with several sponsors to help keep the family together and on the path to self-sufficiency. $210 a month is typically six sponsors supporting a family in country.

Can I write to my sponsored family?

Yes, you can. When you sponsor a specific family, you can write to them at anytime. We’ll send you log-in information for online access to make it easy for you to communicate with your sponsored family.

Do note that while families love to receive notes and prayers of encouragement from their sponsors, they may not have the capacity to respond. With the families focus on daily challenges and meeting the needs of their children, every message and prayer sent from a sponsor serves as a source of encouragement and hope.

Let's keep families together