Your support changes lives

For vulnerable kids and families, the world can feel unjust. But we refuse to believe “that’s just the way it is." If you agree, you're invited to help us change the world through family.


Invest in a movement

You can support our big vision: a world where every child is loved, connected, and empowered, through family.

Every single one of us has a unique ability to contribute to transforming the lives of children and families in our neighborhoods and around the world. Your gifts, your talents, and your time are valuable investments. When you invest in family, you're not only caring for the immediate, practical needs of a child, but also investing in that child's physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Self-care for social workers

Yesenia Fermin, Bethany’s director of culture and belonging offers 4 ways social workers can build resilience—and why it matters for self-care.

A veteran who served in Afghanistan now helps Afghan refugees resettle

For some families resettling in the U.S., this is the first time they’ve ever felt safe. Every one of us can do something to provide refugees with a warm welcome.

"Like a family” isn’t a family

Should you give to orphanages? Almost always, no. There’s a better way to help children find families, not institutions. Learn why orphanages harm children and how you can help.

140 million reasons to help

Today, 140 million kids don't have a permanent home.

That's unacceptable. Together, we can change the world through family.