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Series: Talking to Children About Racism

Explore this 4 part series covering a variety of topics on individual, systemic, and institutional racism in our country

Where is your treasure?

As part of the Year of the Bible, we hope you’ll enjoy our eighth devotional, focused on prioritizing heavenly treasures.

Trafficked by her own family: Julia’s story

Betrayed by her family into years of forced labor, Julia had lost hope. But her foster family helped her discover her worth.

I Was a Stranger

Learning about the Syrian refugee crisis led an American student to put her faith to action, sparking a career in advocating for refugees.

Talking to Children About Racism Part 4: Becoming an Anti-Racist Family

Through this session, we’ll unpack the differences between stereotypes, biases, and racism in order to become an actively anti-racist family. This interactive webinar will provide practical suggestions and concrete strategies for caregivers to navigate today’s complicated social landscape with their kids


Remembering God’s wonders and works

As part of the Year of the Bible, we hope you’ll enjoy our seventh devotional, focused on remembering God’s goodness.

Do the Bible’s teachings on hospitality still hold in an election year?

Christians should be known for their love and hospitality more than their political beliefs and opinions.

Foster care adoption adds two plus three, making one

Two families with no other connection adopted three siblings and became one big family for each other.

Former Vietnamese refugee fosters six refugee youth

As a foster parent, Phillip provides a safe home for refugee youth who escape a dangerous childhood and come to the U.S. without a family. He knows what they’ve been through—this was his story too.

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