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The Aftershow: A Wrap Up and Highlights from Behind the Front Lines

Podcast | COVID

This episode revisits lessons learned during the series and also “what’s next” for front line heroes and those they serve

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Unaccompanied Teenage Boys: Dreams for a better future

Podcast | Refugee, COVID

Kendra Kunst and Andres Rodriguez share how they support young unaccompanied refugee minors in residential care in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Refuge in life’s storms

Story | Church

As part of the Year of the Bible, we hope you’ll enjoy our fifth devotional, focused on God’s faithfulness to be our safe shelter when we dwell in him.

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Parenting During a Crisis

Video | Adoption, Foster Care, Refugee, Family, Refugee Foster Care, Family Education, COVID

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety regarding the Coronavirus pandemic as a parent? Are you uncertain how to answer your child or teen's questions about COVID-19 and their feelings about the current situation? Answers to these questions and general information on how to deal with other crises will be discussed during this training.

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Action Alert: Proposed rule would dismantle U.S. asylum protections

Article | Refugee, Advocacy

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice proposed a new rule that would effectively dismantle the protections for those seeking asylum in the U.S. as our laws permit.

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Pregnant in prison

Podcast | Pregnancy, COVID

Jen Strasenburgh walks alongside women facing an unplanned pregnancy, while simultaneously living in prison due to a substance misuse issue.

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Global family preservation

Podcast | Global, COVID

Keeping kids out of orphanages and strengthening families in Ghana

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Global refugee care

Podcast | Refugee, Global, COVID

Already considered one of the most vulnerable populations, children and families in refugee camps are faced with a global pandemic

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Talking to Children About Racism Part 1: Civil Unrest - A Q&A session

Webinar | Family, Advocacy

We hosted a live webinar, featuring a panel of individuals with diverse lived experiences. This interactive event equipped participants on how to approach topics like racism, police brutality, and civil unrest with their children.

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Threading the needle: A refugee uses his tailoring skills to serve his community

Story | COVID

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, a newly resettled refugee calls on his professional training to sew critically needed masks for health care workers.

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