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What I learned as a transracially adoptive parent

Article | Adoption, Family

You can meet the challenges that come with transracial adoption. Seek advice from others, keep learning, and keep talking with your children about race.

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Ethiopian families and alternative family-based care

Story | Adoption, Foster Care, Global

In response to the worldwide orphan crisis, we connect children in need with families in their country of origin.

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Families instead of orphanages

Story | Adoption, Global

Family-based care offers a proven solution to protect vulnerable children around the world. Through partnerships with local child welfare organizations, we prevent families from placing children in orphanages.

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The changing landscape of international adoption: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

Article | Adoption, Global

Bethany spearheads efforts to change the emphasis from bringing children to the U.S. to instead finding adoptive homes for children in their home countries.

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Helping women make a plan

Article | Adoption, Pregnancy

The women seeking help with unplanned pregnancies today aren’t who you think.

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The plans God had for me

Story | Adoption, Pregnancy

Battling addiction and facing an unplanned pregnancy, Gloria drove first to an abortion clinic. But then her GPS gave her a surprising new direction.

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Evan’s ever after

Story | Adoption

With the adoption of Evan, Bethany Christian Services and assistance from Caring Connection bring joy to this family.

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An adoption miracle in South Africa

Story | Adoption, Global

Discover how one South African couple grew their family through adoption.

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Filled with love through international adoption

Story | Adoption

Adrienne adopted two children from South Africa after her husband’s unexpected death.

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Factoring the costs of foster care adoption

Article | Adoption

Answering your questions about the cost of foster care adoption to help you decide if this is right for you. 

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