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Kids and families in the U.S.
Kids and families in the U.S. Image
I don’t know where we’d be without Safe Families

Three young women take a leap of faith to help a single father.

The keys to open relationships after foster care adoption

6 tips from an adoptive parent.

5 tips for your first open adoption visit

Make your first reunion a more comfortable and positive experience.

Refugees and immigrants
Refugees and immigrants Image
Learn the facts about refugees

Discover the answers to four common myths about refugees.

Former Vietnamese refugee fosters six refugee youth

Phillip knows what they’ve been through—this was his story too.

Trafficked by her own family: Julia’s story

After years of forced labor, Julia's foster family gave her new hope.

Families around the world
Families around the world Image
Family sponsorship success story: The Djanie family

Once struggling to earn money, the family now sends Michael to medical school.

Rising to the challenge in Ethiopia

Working to reduce the risk of COVID-19, while continuing to place children into safe, loving families.

I thought I was an orphan

When violence separated her family, 14-year-old Mugeni believed she alone had survived.

Featured resources on hospitality

4 ways to love God by loving our neighbors

Bethany leaders share foundational values for authentic hospitality.

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We can work together to help this child

A foster mom shares how and why she began building relationships with her foster kids’ parents, and the difference that trust has made for everyone.

It’s never too late: How a mother and daughter found each other 60 years after an adoption 

For decades, Laurie wondered if she would ever meet her birth mother. Through the help of a Bethany post-adoption specialist, her dream came true. 

4 things to know about adopting sibling groups

By adopting siblings, you’re helping children who have already been through unimaginable loss be together with their brothers and sisters in the same home—rather than being separated into multiple families.