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The youth of Haiti are resilient

Revins shares his story and plans for the future

Daneal Lightner, content writer

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Humble beginings

“When I was growing up, things didn’t go as planned for my family.”

Revins has lived in Haiti all his life. His mom works as a street vendor and his dad as a mechanic. With high rates of poverty across the country, career options are limited and life hasn’t been easy.

As a child, Revins had a health condition that limited his ability to participate in activities and left his parents with mounting medical bills.

His family encouraged him to finish high school, though it was a struggle. And after graduation, Revins’ future was still in question. Without being able to afford further training, what could he do? Haiti’s economy is tumultuous and jobs that pay a living wage are out of reach for most. Natural disaster follows natural disaster. Haitains are plagued by poltical upheaval, gang violence, and instability.

But the people, and especially the youth, are resilient. And in 2021, Revins' life changed.

A chance to change the future

Through his church, Revins heard about Bethany's youth resilience program. He'd have a chance to attend vocation training and get coaching in things like finance, life skills, and crisis management. He'd receive financial support to launch his own business and help in drafting a solid business plan. He learned there would not only be support for him, but his entire family—so they could stay together, grow together, and thrive together.

This was a chance to break generational cycles of poverty. This was a chance to change the future.

Revins explains, “I trained to become a professional photographer and video editor. Now I have my own business in partnership with a friend. People book me to take photos for graduations, wedding ceremonies, and birthdays.”

To give back, Revins recently took photos of the new youth resiliency graduates.

He says that without the generosity of Bethany's supporters, life would have been different. He wouldn’t have been able to attend training. He wouldn’t have his career.

Revins shares, “I truly like what I am doing. I feel prepared to take on the future.”

Though they face major economic and political challenges, the youth of Haiti are resilient. They’re ready to move mountains. And together, we can help them.

Revins says, “I hope more youth like me will have the same opportunity.”

He encourages others who're determined to take their future into their own hands: “Be wise. Be disciplined and work hard. Demonstrate passion and love what you do.”

Together, we can invest in the future by investing in our youth. By empowering them to break the chains of poverty, we can change the world.

Learn more about our work in Haiti and around the globe to give youth tools for lifelong success.

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