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Lost and found

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Sophonie* was born in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. She spent her early childhood with her dad, who worked hard to make ends meet. But everyday life was a challenge to meet her needs.

Eventually, Sophonie left home to go live with her mom. But her mom struggled to care for her. Sophonie didn’t feel safe, and wanted to back with her dad.

Terrified, she ran away in search of her dad. But Sophonie got lost.

When the Haitian police found her, they contacted Bethany. Through our foster care program in Haiti, Sophonie was cared for by safe foster families. For nine months, foster families committed to love, protect, and comfort her, providing stability through family-based care.

Meanwhile, Bethany worked to locate Sophonie’s family and, on Christmas Eve, she was reunified with her dad.

“Seeing my girl again after nine months is my Christmas gift,” he said. “I need nothing more from the Lord.”

Despite everything Sophonie experienced, her story is ultimately about hope. Through foster care, she was able to receive the love and comfort only a family can provide—and was not placed in an orphanage.

With Bethany’s ongoing support, the Haitian government continues to support family-based care for children in need.

*Name changed for privacy

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