Living in a difficult world

Lucas’ childhood was challenging, as his mother was hospitalized with a gun wound and his father was in jail. Learn how foster care is changing Lucas’ life.

Ever since his birth, Lucas has lived in a difficult world. One that no child should have to experience.

His mother was trapped in a cycle of drug abuse and domestic violence. Then, when he was 3 years old, Lucas’ mom was shot right in front of him.

With his mom hospitalized and his father in jail, Lucas entered the foster care system.

Having lived through so much fear and uncertainty already in his young life, Lucas experienced several trauma-informed behavior problems. He startled easily and was prone to acting out against his foster parents.

Today, Lucas is on a brighter path. More than a year after his mother was shot, he’s now living with his grandmother, who has been attending support groups, training sessions, and outings provided by Bethany. She is now able to give Lucas the stability he needs.

Lucas has received therapy. And we’ve supported his mom through every step of her recovery.

We are always focused on reunifying children with their parents in a stronger home environment. Our goal is to help her get clean and find stable housing so she can welcome Lucas home again.

Your support changes lives, like those of Lucas and his mom. By donating to Bethany, you’ll help us change the world through family.

Your support changes lives