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Love is not enough, but it does not fail

May 15, 2024

Loss hurts. Unexpected loss cuts deep. Maybe I should have retired my idealistic “Super Mom” cape before we adopted, because my vision of a “happily ever after” adoption needed a major adjustment.

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What do strong families need to thrive?

March 27, 2024

Strong families need what we all need—to be safe, loved, and connected. Especially in difficult times. Five protective factors contribute to stronger families.

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Finding Francisca's family

March 19, 2024

Follow Isaac Agyei, a dedicated caseworker in Ghana. His unwavering commitment to reuniting children, like 8-year-old Francisca, with their families is strengthening families and protecting children.

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We're in this together

November 21, 2023

When Maria attended a Parent Café, she realized the value of being heard, understood, and supported by other parents. Parent Cafés are designed to create transformative conversations, promote well-being, and build strong families. Led by parents for parents, these support groups provide a space for sharing information, teaching parenting skills, and fostering connection.

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Widening your circle during the holidays: 4 ways to include refugees

October 31, 2023

Refugees desire community and connection, especially during the holidays. Discover four ways to serve refugees.

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Esther reminds us what can happen when girls embrace their inner strength

October 05, 2023

Esther, a young girl growing up in Ghana, faced immense challenges but rediscovered her inner strength through art. Her story shows the importance of empowering girls and promoting gender equality, especially on International Day of the Girl Child. Globally, girls face many inequalities. But through positive change, we can support girls in fulfilling their dreams, creating a brighter future for everyone.

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The power of family and community

September 19, 2023

Children belong in families, not in orphanages. Family is God’s design. And only family and a community of support have the power to provide the best outcomes for children. When a child grows up in institutional care, like orphanages, it can have long-term, harmful effects. That's why the AHOPE Orphanage decided to reintegrate the children living with HIV back into their families and local communities.

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3 benefits to hiring refugees

August 31, 2023

Refugees represent an untapped talent pool employers should consider. Discover three reasons to hire refugees: experience, loyalty, and securely vetted.

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2 years after the Afghanistan withdrawal: How can I help?

August 28, 2023

Co-sponsors meet the needs of refugees and help them thrive within their new communities.

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Kasech was living a nightmare—kidnapped, trafficked, and only 14 years old

June 26, 2023

Right now, an estimated 160 million children around the world are being used for child labor. Every year, that number grows by an estimated 700,000 children. We believe that family is the answer.

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