Youth resilience

Equipping young adults worldwide to overcome adversity and thrive—through community support, education, and vocational training.

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Helping youth thrive

Many children around the world have grown up amidst adversity—political instability, major natural disasters, human trafficking, forced displacement, and more. And too many young adults don’t have access to education, training, and employment. Young people are incredibly resilient; they just need a supportive and encouraging community around them!

That’s why Bethany supports youth—helping them build the emotional, entrepreneurial, and financial skills needed to thrive, not just survive.

Where do we offer youth resilience services?


In Colombia, we use sports, art, and music with Venezuelan migrant and refugee youth to develop life goals, build resilience, and promote social integration with the host community.

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In Haiti, youth ages 17-22 receive emotional, entrepreneurial, and financial skills they need to overcome generational poverty.

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In Ethiopia, survivors of labor trafficking receive psychological first aid, life skills guidance, and emotional support to help them cope with past trauma and prepare for independent living.

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The youth resiliency program represents the key that opens the door of my future, which in the past seemed nonexistent.

- Jensly Alteus

Help youth thrive

Support young people worldwide as they establish goals for their future.


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