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Rising from the ashes to build a stronger family

Rising from the ashes to build a stronger family  Banner Image

When Princess and her young daughter were evacuated from their burning apartment, they had nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

To make matters even more difficult, Princess was pregnant with no means to prepare for her new baby’s arrival. No one to look after her daughter while she gave birth. And no home to raise her soon-to-be two children.

So, when Bethany introduced Princess to Erica, a generous woman who opens her home to families seeking help during crisis, Princess started to feel more comfortable. Once she got to know Erica and learned all about Bethany’s Safe Families ministry, she began to feel secure knowing that her daughter would be cared for while Princess prepared for her baby’s birth.

Thanks to this much-needed temporary shelter, plus a loving mother who cared for Princess’s daughter, donations of clothing, and other support, Princess was able to safely care for both of her children. And she and Erica have established a long-time friendship, where Erica continues to support and encourage Princess.

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