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Helping an Ethiopian orphan find a home

A Caring Connection grant gave a child a family

Nicole Zwiers, director of content

Bethany helped Maaza find a home with his new mom

Maaza*, a mother of six, heard about adoption through a neighbor during their cultural coffee ceremony one day. Once she began considering adoption, one of her adult daughters mentioned that Bethany’s office was located in her town. 

Maaza connected with Bethany to begin her training to become an adoptive parent. 

Meanwhile, police found young Ajani* abandoned. It appeared he had suffered abuse and neglect, so they placed him in an orphanage for immediate care and protection. 

Bethany’s goal—as always—was to find a loving family for Ajani so he didn’t grow up in an institution.  

But then the COVID-19 pandemic swept through Ethiopia and the rest of the world, putting financial strain on Maaza’s ability to adopt. She knew God was calling her to serve in this way, but she couldn’t do it alone. 

Thanks to supporters, Maaza received a Caring Connection grant from Bethany to offset the adoption costs and welcome Ajani into her family. 

“A memorable thing I have observed about Ajani’s adoption was the way God arranges families for orphans and the necessity of a family in giving hope to their future lives,” Maaza reflected. 

“It is not only Ajani who has benefitted from adoption; I am also blessed to be chosen to take care of him and become his parent.” 

Maaza added, “I am happy to know that I am not alone and that this [grant] has allowed me to feel warm and supported in addition to having been saved from the expenses of the adoption process.” 

To donors, she adds, “I want to say thank you for your unreserved commitment. Because of the deep concern of Bethany and the kind donations, I have been greatly helped during this hard time where the pandemic has made everything more challenging.” 

Caring Connection helps offset the costs of adopting children with special medical needs. Grants are available to families going through domestic adoption, foster care adoption, and global in-country adoption.

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