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Families instead of orphanages

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A few months before his birth, Junior*’s mother, Puleng* made a life-changing decision.

As a young, unemployed woman, she felt unprepared for her new role in life as a mom. Her relationship with Junior’s father did not end well and for many young women in her shoes, abandoning the baby would have been an easier option.

Thankfully, while attending a neonatal clinic at her local community hospital, Puleng shared her fears with a healthcare social worker. She was referred to Setshabelo Family and Child Services (SFCS), a local child protection organization in Botshabelo, South Africa, whose mission is to see every child thriving in a loving family. Puleng wanted the best for her baby—a family that would love and care for him as their own—so she chose to make an adoption plan for her son.

Meanwhile, Lesedi* was feeling a growing desire to better serve orphans and children in her community. After attending an outreach event conducted by SFCS at her local church, Lesedi made the decision to grow her family through adoption. When Junior was discharged from hospital, Lesedi was there to welcome him into her family and home.
Today, Junior is thriving because of the love he receives from his adoptive family, including Lesedi’s 14-year-old daughter, Teboho*, and Lesedi’s parents. Teboho adores her little brother, and Junior’s adoptive grandparents count themselves blessed to have another grandchild in their family.

Your support ensures children like Junior never have to spend a day in an institution. Puleng’s decision was a brave one—and a community that once knew very little about adoption is increasingly embracing it as a practical and sustainable way to care for children in need.

SFCS offers counselling to girls and women who might be considering adoption, empowering them to make a life-affirming decision.

*Names changed to protect identities.

Your support changes lives