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Caring Connection grant supports Peyton’s medical needs

A family brought together through adoption

Amber P., Peyton’s mom

Peyton and his adoptive parents learned how provide for his medical needs

Families are formed in many ways, and ours was brought together through adoption.

On the day of my hysterectomy, we were hoping for news about a possible adoption match. When I woke from the anesthesia, I could tell the source of my pain for most of my life was gone, and I was excited to share my joy. 

After my husband and I arrived home post-surgery, we got a phone call from our Bethany adoption specialist—we’d been matched! I explained that I’d just had surgery, and was under strict orders not to lift anything more than 10 pounds. “No worries,” she said, “he’s less than 5 pounds.” 

The next day, we arrived at the same entrance of the same hospital, even on the same floor, to meet our son, Peyton, for the first time. The nurses explained that his birth had been traumatic. Weighing just 3 pounds, 15 ounces, he’d been delivered at only seven centimeters dilated and had held his breath for three minutes. 

After speaking with the nurses, we knew Peyton would need medical support and therapies throughout his life. And we knew God was calling us to be his parents, so we prayed for God’s guidance to provide a way to cover the cost of our son’s medical needs. 

That’s when Bethany’s Caring Connection grant changed our lives. Caring Connection helps offset the costs of adopting children with special medical needs. Grants are available to families going through domestic adoption, foster care adoption, and global in-country adoption.

Saying yes to Peyton meant dramatically changing our financial future for the opportunity to be his mama and daddy—but God provided in big ways. 

Bethany’s Caring Connection grant is allowing us to provide the early intervention and therapies Peyton needs to thrive. 

With support from his medical team, Peyton is growing stronger and achieving new milestones. He’s able to laugh, play, and give his sister a high five. And he has the best smile in the entire world. 

Caring Connection means we don’t have to worry about which medical bill to pay or how we’ll afford this week’s therapy. But beyond financial support, it also reminds us we have a team of people supporting our whole family—from the “church grandma” who takes Peyton to therapy once a week to the generous donors behind the scenes who made Caring Connection possible. 

The way God has authored our story is beyond anything we’ve ever seen, and you’re part of this story too. 

Because people like you gave to Caring Connection, Peyton is able to have a life filled with potential and possibility. 

Since 2001, generous donors have helped connect over 2,600 children with loving families—helping overcome barriers to adoption.

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