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Are you forgetting the most important thing?

Are you forgetting the most important thing?  Banner Image

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom found the average adult forgets three key facts, chores, or events daily.

Among the top most forgotten were:

  • Where you left your keys
  • What you meant to buy at the store
  • Where you parked your car
  • Charging a mobile device
  • Replacing a toilet paper roll
  • Letting a hot cup of coffee go cold

The study also revealed 6% of adults nationwide have had relationships end over missing their partner’s birthday, and one in 10 have gotten into trouble for not remembering the name of a close friend’s child.

While we’re all guilty of forgetting from time-to-time, there’s a long list of things you would never think of forgetting. For instance, a good parent would never forget to teach their child how to dial 911 in an emergency, or to look both ways before crossing the street.

However, every day baby boomer parents are neglecting to pass along equally vital information to their adult children or loved ones—by simply failing to communicate the most important personal data and plans that only they know.

Individuals who anticipate—and prepare for—unpredictable life events exercise a unique form of love for their family, one that says, “I’ve already planned well into the future, so you’ll be taken care of even when I can’t be the one to do it.”

One of the best ways to do this is with an up-to-date Will or Estate Plan.

Another is by compiling a special group of documents that outline pertinent information:

  • Passwords for all existing accounts—finances, social media, etc.
  • Contact information for their accountant, attorney, or broker
  • Details regarding investments, accounts, and insurance policies
  • Family stories, genealogy, or recipes
  • A list of charities they support
  • Explanations of the values and beliefs that have shaped their lives

Remembering to care for your loved ones during and after your life is a beautiful gift. So is remembering a ministry like Bethany in your Will. Don’t let time or good intentions get away from you.

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