Bethany Joins 2020 Year of the Bible Movement

February 03, 2020

Bethany Christian Services announced today its partnership with Year of the Bible, a global awareness campaign designed to increase Bible readership around the world. Along with sixty other organizations, Bethany aims to promote the Year of the Bible’s mission to make 2020 the year with the highest level of Bible engagement in history.

“We’re so pleased to add our voice to Year of the Bible’s call for greater engagement with Scripture,” said Chris Palusky, President and CEO of Bethany. “To open the Bible is to learn that the eyes of God are on the orphan, the widow and the oppressed and that He calls us all to care for them. At Bethany, this call to action from the Bible motivates and guides all of our work. We rely on God and His Word to navigate the joys and challenges of caring for children and families.”

The Year of the Bible aims to make 2020 a year of unprecedented Bible engagement – a world-changing opportunity made possible by widespread translation initiatives. To get involved, individuals can sign an “I read the Bible” declaration and commit to spending more time reading Scripture in 2020. Additionally, over the course of the year, Bethany will release 10 Scripture devotions to the Bethany community that will encourage staff, partners, and donors to rediscover the Bible as the bedrock of their faith and a source of connection and communion with God.

“At Bethany, we believe the Bible calls and empowers us to live a life of mercy, love and service,” said Ted Ancelet, Director of Spiritual Empowerment at Bethany Christian Services. “Internally, we turn to the Scriptures for wisdom, guidance, strength and encouragement. We are confident that anyone who turns to the Bible and brings their lives to the Lord in prayer, will not only know peace themselves but will also be equipped to be ambassadors and agents of peace in their world.”

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About Bethany Christian Services Bethany is a global nonprofit that supports children and families with world-class social services, all designed to help families thrive. Over 75 years ago, Bethany began by serving a single child. Today, the organization works in more than 30 states and more than a dozen countries worldwide, impacting hundreds of thousands of people every year.