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AmeriCorps VISTA

This full-time, one-year commitment volunteer placement is a great way to build your resume and gain social work experience while capacity building within Bethany's resettlement programs enhancing the lives of refugees coming to the United States. AmeriCorps members at Bethany receive a monthly stipend, healthcare benefits, and are awarded education allowance to pay off student loans or help pay further education. Work your way into refugee cultural education, legal services, employment, IT support and community engagement. We can fit your skill set with our project needs!

Off-site Volunteer Opportunity
Donor (In-Kind and Monetary)

Donations are needed frequently. Gift cards allow families to buy weather-appropriate clothing, highchairs, cribs, and other necessities. Some donations must be new, while others can be used. Couches, vehicles, and bicycles are a common request and can be gently used. Cribs or mattresses must be new. Contact us to make a monetary donation to directly support an individual or family or donate items. Check out our Amazon Wish List of items we must provide every refugee in our care.

Bethany Ambassador

Individual willing to recruit volunteers and/or resources for Bethany’s local Refugee Reception and Placement program. Volunteer must be trained and willing to disseminate information and share needs of refugee clients to generate time and resources from the community. Average of 5 hours/week.


Seeking students passionate about making a difference for children and families. Interns work directly under the direct supervision of a Bethany staff member, gaining valuable professional experience in a variety of programs. Accepting applications for Social and Legal Work, Criminal Justice, Public Health, Nursing, Education. Semester and year-long placements considered.

1:1 Tutor

Teach or help practice basic English or a particular area of need. You will meet one-on-one or in a group setting, typically for 4-6 hours per month. Also a great need to help students with school subjects.

Transporter for refugees

Provide transportation to individuals and families to medical, government, and Bethany appointments and other necessary locations. If you are using your own vehicle, mileage is reimbursed.

Domestic youth mentor

Serve as a positive role model for a youth 3-17 years old in the foster care or counseling program. Minimum of 4 hours per month. 12-month commitment and background screening required

Refugee support team

Similar to a co-sponsor, a support team is a group of individuals who are committed to providing assistance in the areas they choose. Some examples include: airport reception, providing hot meals, grocery shoppers, transporters to/from appointments, collecting and distributing donations etc. There is no time commitment required for this role.

On-site office assistant

Support Bethany staff with clerical duties such as copying, scanning, and filing documents. Volunteers are also needed to organize incoming donations. Great for small groups to get involved!

Move-in helper

Before a refugee individual or family arrives in their new community, a home needs to be readied for them. Move-in helpers assist with assembling furniture, making beds, setting up the kitchen and bathrooms, stocking the pantry, or preparing a hot meal for their arrival.

Bus/Uber/Lyft trainer

Meet with clients and their interpreter at their nearest bus stop to show them how they can best use public transportation to get to work, grocery stores, medical offices, and around the city. Provide tech training to teach clients the safety and navigation of Uber/Lyft rides.

Grocery shopper or cultural hot meal coordinator for refugee pre-arrival

Upon arrival, Bethany is required to provide a cultural hot meal and stock the pantry with food. Items include; dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, beans, breads, snacks or crackers, essential spices, teas, and coffee. Shoppers will be provided with a grocery list specific to country of origin. Hot meals can be purchased from a local restaurant or prepared prior to arrival. Donations are greatly appreciated, but willing to reimburse for food expenses.

Co-Sponsor a refugee family

Form a small group of friends, co-workers, neighbors, or church members to be matched with a refugee family arriving soon. Co-Sponsorship is a longer term commitment (least six months) as your group will assist staff to meet refugees' needs upon arrival and help them to thrive in your new community. Training is provided by our staff so you are all prepared to offer support services.

Community guide

Introduce the newcomer to your community by showing them around town, help to find jobs, prepare for school enrollment, or assist with cultural orientation. You will work closely with Bethany staff who will assign duties to assist with the first 90-day resettlement period.

Refugee youth mentor

Spend time once a week with refugee teens being a positive role model.  Requires a 12-month commitment spending 4 hours per month with matched youth.

Support Ukrainian families

Assist Ukrainian families who recently arrived in your community with food, housing, transportation, material needs, and case management support.

Provide a meal for foster family gatherings

We are looking for groups or individuals to provide a meal for approximately 50 people. Each month, foster families come together over a meal and build a strong support network. It is also an event that many siblings who are not placed in the same home be given an opportunity to share a meal and spend some special time together. You are welcome to drop off the meal or stay and serve the meal. Individuals who stay and serve the meal must undergo a criminal background check.

Welcome as a "new neighbor"

Be a friend to a family as they acclimate to living in America. As a new neighbor, you will experience a cross-cultural relationship with a family as you provide transportation, help them decipher mail, assist with budgeting, and familiarize them with English. This is a 12-month commitment with an average of 4 hours per month.

Transporter for a foster child

Provide transportation to appointments and parent visits for local foster children, as needed.



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