Advocate for families in your community

Inspired by our faith, we believe all children and families in our communities deserve to be loved, connected, and safe.
123,000 children
waiting for permanent families

Vulnerable children in your community

These are children who are unable to reunite with their families, and many of them are older children or children with special placement needs.

Meanwhile, the opioid crisis is leaving children without parents at an alarming rate. More than 250,000 children entered foster care last year alone, in need of a temporary home to keep them safe.

Strengthening families

Every child belongs in a nurturing, protective family. Sometimes, a loving foster family is the safest place for children who need temporary care and protection. But in many cases, we can help a child’s biological parents become better equipped to care for them. And that can be a far better outcome for everyone involved.

To support families, we need to make foster care prevention a national priority. This means increasing the budget for prevention programs at all levels, as well as building more intentional networks of support for struggling families. Our communities have the power to reverse the foster care crisis.

- Kris Faasse, senior vice president of clinical operations