Navigating open adoption

We believe a spirit of openness regarding adoption is in the best interest of all members involved—including extended family and previous caregivers. But openness in adoption is an ongoing journey. We’re here to support you in navigating these relationships.
adoptive mom searches for post-adoption resources

Exchange of information

We can assist with transferring pictures, letters, or gifts on behalf of birth family members or adoptive parents.

toddler climbs on bed

Coordinating visits

We can assist with negotiating contact and relationships between birth and adoptive families. Our staff will help you prepare for these visits and, if appropriate, participate in the visits to facilitate discussions.

little girl holds the hands of her adoptive mom and birth mom

Mediation meetings

If difficulties in post-adoption relationships arise, our staff can discuss expectations and concerns with each person involved, and help coordinate opportunities for direct discussions between the parties.

Contact the Bethany office that facilitated your adoption to learn more.

Still have questions?

Contact us to talk with a Bethany staff member about the support you need.